Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Check Point MIB chkpnt.mib and CHECKPOINT-MIB

How to find the correct MIB for your Check Point products ?
Which version to choose among all CHECKPOINT-MIB files available on the Internet ?

Well the best MIB is the one that came with your product!
You'll be able to find it in the directory: /opt/CPshrd-R<VERSION>/lib/snmp/ and it's called: chkpnt.mib.

Check Point version<VERSION>
R65 HFA_xxR65
R75 GA / R75.10R75
R75.20 / R75.30R75.20
R75.40 / R75.45 / R75.46R75.40

For example, on a R75.40, the following files are:
# ls -la /opt/CPshrd-R75.40/lib/snmp/
total 876
drwxrwx---    2 root     root         4096 Nov 14  2012 .
drwxrwx--x    3 root     root        12288 Nov 14  2012 ..
-rwxrwx---    1 root     root        25184 Nov 14  2012 chkpnt-trap.mib
-rwxrwx---    1 root     root       295284 Nov 14  2012 chkpnt.mib
-rwxrwx---    1 root     root       542821 Nov 14  2012 mib.txt

If you can, with your current version, use one or another new feature, the MIB that you'll find will allow you to monitor it.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Zscaler Research: Aurora exploit still floating ...

Zscaler Research: Aurora exploit still floating ...: It's been around two years since Microsoft released a patch for the IE 0day famously known as the Aurora exploit ( CVE-2010-0249 ). We...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Do You Know What's Hiding in Your Networks?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to setup Zscaler for Native FTP usage ?

How to setup Zscaler for Native FTP usage ?

Native FTP is only supported from known location.
All Zscaler FTP configuration is done under Administration -> Internet Gateways & SSL.
Please find below steps to setup Zscaler Native FTP:
1. Add your location
2. Enable FTP (this will enable both FTP over HTTP and Native FTP protocols)
3. Define categories which will have FTP access granted
4. Configure FTP client to connect our proxy (ie: gateway.zscaler.net) on port 21

Zscaler FTP proxy forward customer request to destination FTP server based on Username content.
USER <login>@<destination_hostname>
PASS <password>
Most of FTP client supports proxy confguration.

Zscaler Native FTP doesn't need specific Proxy login / pass credentials.  By now, we authenticate customers based on their gateway location IP.
Copyright 2012 Zscaler Inc.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Concur: Two job offers

My friend who's working for Concur toled me about this two job offers.

So if you're interested:

 . Senior System Engineer
Job Overview:
The senior system engineer act as a technical reference on production environments for systems and applications layers. He coordinates changes and new services onboarding. He leads some medium to large scale projects.
 . System Engineer II
Au sein de l’équipe d’exploitation Informatique, vous intégrez l’équipe d'Administration ou vous aurez pour missions principales :
  • participation aux projets de refonte d'architecture et d’optimisation de la production
  • recette technique, intégration et mise en production de nouvelles applications
  • assurer la continuité de l’activité (monitoring, suivi de capacité), supervision
  • administration des systèmes Unix et Windows
  • collaborer avec les chefs de projet dans les phases de mises en œuvre lors des mises en production.

Do not hesitate ! :)